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Wash and care instruction

King Essentials | Wash and care instructions
How to wash your:


King Essentials | Washing instructions for our Knitwear


Did you know that Merino wool is antibacterial by nature? This means that it resists bad odors! Airing it out overnight is usually enough to refresh your knitwear.

Still, it is important to wash your knitwear piece from KING Essentials regularly. This way, you can enjoy your knitwear piece as long as possible.

• The best way to wash knitwear is by hand. Use lukewarm water and a gentle wool detergent.

• Afterwards, lay the garment flat on a clean, light-colored towel to absorb moisture. Avoid direct sunlight.

• Once it is dried, you can lightly iron the garment. Use a low heat setting (wool or 1-dot).

Knitwear from KING Essentials

How to wash your:

T-shirts, Polos, Chinos, Overshirts, Sweatshirts

King Essentials | Washing instructions for our Cotton Products

T-shirts, Polos, Chino's, Overshirts and Sweatshirts

• Turn the garments inside out and wash on a gentle cycle (30°C permanent press) in your washing machine.

• For best results, dry delicate items flat on a clean towel. Alternatively, you can hang them on a drying rack.

• Iron the garments, if needed, on a low heat setting (Cotton or 1-dot) using a gentle touch.

KING Essentials

How to wash your:


King Essentials | Washing instructions for our Shirts


One of the most adaptable wardrobe pieces to keep in your rotation. Shirts can be worn at formal occasions, for business or dining, but will also make you look great in more casual settings. You will always have the ceremonial flair, while your appearance ensures you will feel as cool as you look.

So here's how you can keep your KING shirts fresh:

• For the best results, wash your shirt on a gentle cycle at 40°C.

• Use the low heat setting on your dryer for a quicker drying time. However, air drying on a rack is preferred to minimize shrinkage and preserve the fabric.

• Once your shirt is dry, you can choose to lightly iron the garment to get rid of any wrinkles. Set your iron on a low heat setting (cotton or 1-dot) and iron with care.  

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