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About The Brand #23

We're called king essentials for a reason.

About King Essentials
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During our many years in the fashion industry we saw first-hand how brands put a lot of time and effort in their outspoken and fashionable items.

Even though these ‘eye catchers’ were (and are) important, the extra attention was usually at the cost of care and attention for the essentials, which are the main part of any man’s wardrobe.

As a result, often there was no consistency in fits, sizes, quality nor availability. Yet at the same time, the best sellers were frequently only available in a few colors.

Founded in 2021, King Essentials is a well-grounded Dutch brand with an Amsterdam based, spunky edge.

We make quality clothing with a seasoned sense of conscious dedication.

Our collection allows you to forget about all the current daily demands we face. We are often requested to look cool, sharp, sexy, smart, casual, formal and confident. But really, can we?

The King Essentials collection harvests many looks and appropriate styles. Whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Pick the vibe, pick the occasion and we’ve got you covered.

You can face your world and feel confident. All doing so while looking great. With KING there will be no shortage of attention and care of the essentials, or a lack of variety in colors.

We strive for excellence. Excellence which we find in the quality of essentials.

Our quality lies in consistency. Noticing the small but important elements. Dedication. We aim to empower modern men to consciously build -and enjoy- a timeless wardrobe. Long-lasting fashion essentials, which comfortably fit your lifestyle.

At King Essentials we think that clothing is about one thing. And one thing only: ‘You!’ And that’s where we find our dedication. With every step of the process.

Devoted to excellence, supported by structure.

King essentials

About The Planet

We care about our planet.

At KING Essentials we believe in making clothes with care. Beautiful, everyday essentials that form the foundation of every man’s wardrobe. Equally important is our care about the sourcing of our materials, the people we work with and minimizing the impact that our business has on the environment. 

Our aim is to use natural, organic and recyclable materials. When producing our garments, we try to produce them as close as possible to the markets that we sell our garments in so we can minimize our carbon footprint. We stay true to our philosophy: producing garments that are non-seasonal and long lasting. We constantly review everything that we can do to reach the highest environmental standards. 

It's one of the main reasons why we decided to partner with Active Ants for our warehousing and logistics. Packing orders is a careful process.

Our partner Active Ants pays a lot of attention to this and chooses environmentally conscious, solid packaging materials with which all your products arrive at their destination undamaged.

Each product is packaged appropriately, with as little space and material wasted as possible.

• Highly efficient automatic packing machines are being used. These machines can pack up to 800 parcels per hour and pack them with just the right amount of packaging material to avoid wastage and empty space.

• Products which are already well packed can be wrapped with PE shrink film. This saves unnecessary packaging and is much better for the environment.

• All of our packaging is FSC certified. The international, independent FSC quality mark ensures that raw materials for wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests